Skogrbani’s Lair

This is an entry into the Woodland Hideaway category of the Colossal Castle Contest, and the dragon is also an entry into the second Dragon Building Contest. The landscape design was inspired by Brother Steven’s Friosaelt Falls build.

The dragon Skogrbani’s lair is hidden deep in the forest. Two unfortunately ignorant thieves thought it was a good idea to hide their loot by burying it in the woods just outside Skogrbani’s home…


  1. Awesome job Isaac! This is an awesome build! I really like the overall color! Keep it up man!

  2. Yeah, Nice job! I agree with Roanoke, the color scheme is awesome. My only critique would be to smooth the dragon out. I like the use of the ‘feathers’ but the wings on the dragon especially I think could use some tiles, or maybe trying some SNOT technique might work…

  3. Hey guys, sorry, could you get make a quick tutorial of your working Ballistas? Thanks!

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