The Hidden City of Gondolin

My entry for round 4 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics. My category this time was Gondolin, a hidden elvish city from The Silmarilion. I really enjoyed experimenting more with Elvish architecture with this build, as well as the colors and patterns. One of my main goals was to include as many non-square elements as I could, like the gardens, fountain and rounded base, which I think ended up turning out quite well.
I’ll definitely be doing more elvish builds in the future, as it’s an incredibly fun style to build in and this ended up being one of my personal favorite builds of mine to date.

Credit for how to fill in the rowboats goes to Simon NH, and Marcel V. and Vitreolum for the harp and lute respectively.

One Comment:

  1. Wow! Those buildings are cool! Also, I like the rounded base, along with the nice trees, also NPU with the boat… Overall this is a really good elvish looking city! 😀 Good luck! 😀

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