Finest Creations: January 2015 – February 2015

Our second installment of Finest Creations. For those of you who missed the first, here is how it works: John and I each choose 5 of our best creations from the given time frame and compile them in a single post. Then it is your task to cast your vote and decide what was John’s and my best creation from those given, and also which creation is your favorite overall. We will tally the votes and then add the victorious MOCs to a new gallery for Brickbuilt’s Public Choice Creations. Each build picture links to the build page, so you can check out more pictures if you’re having trouble making a decision.

John’s Top 5 Builds:

Katoren Gatehouse

Katoren Jail

A Clever Arrest

Sneaky Surprise

Desert Duel

Isaac’s Top 5 Builds:

Darraor Castle

Amfridus the Inventor

Chillon Castle

A Snowy Journey

The Green Goblet

Now it’s up to you to decide which creations are the best!

Our first Public Choice creations were decided in the last installment.
Gravensteen Castle won for John, while The Siege of Bannockburn Castle was my most popular.




  1. Really love the texture of the building in John’s “Katoren Jail,” so that’s where my vote goes. And for Isaac I’d give my vote to “The Green Goblet” for the excellent roof texturing.

    Can’t believe it’s been over two years; these builds are still incredible!

  2. For me it’s gotta be “Katoren Gatehouse” for John and “The Green Goblet” for Isaac! Awesome work guys! :)

  3. Green Goblet and Katoren Jail.

  4. John: Katoren Jail

    Isaac: Darraor Castle

  5. All great builds, but Isaac’s Green Goblet is jsut that tiny step up from his usual (already sky-high) level.

    As for John: here I have a problem: my vote is tied between Katoren’s jail and the Desert Duel (both scenes I hadn’t seen before, which is another reason why these Finest Creations are so cool). The jail contains everything I’ve come to expect from LJ’s builds, like an Eastern feeling, domes, neat details (loving the bar-design, by the way!) and a great colourscheme (on a side note: why’s there a bed on top of the tower?). However, the duel scene is one of the best scenes of this dimensions I’ve ever seen, and that’s why my vote goes to… Ah, I really can’t decide! Is it possible to split my vote?

  6. Thanks for the votes, and comments everyone!

  7. John: Katoren Jail

    Isaac: The Green Goblet

  8. John-Katoren Gatehouse

    Isaac-Darraor Castle

  9. My vote is for Katoren Jail and Darraor Castle. I still remember when these were first posted! Great work guys, it sure is fun to reminisce :)

  10. John – Katoren Jail
    Isaac – Darraor Castle

  11. Kingdomviewbricks

    John: Katoren Jail
    Isaac: Darraor Castle

  12. Awesome! My favorite from John is Katoren Jail, and my favorite from Isaac is the green goblet inn! 😀

  13. John: Katoren Jail
    Isaac: Darraor Castle

  14. John; Katoren Jail

    Isaac; The Green Goblet

  15. John: Katoren Jail (I really liked that one!)
    Isaac: Darraor Castle (though the Green Goblet build is a close second.)

  16. I gotta go with Katoren jail as my favorite from John, and Darraor castle as my favorite from Isaac. These are all really cool builds though. 😉

    Darraor is my favorite overall as well.

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