Double Trouble on Staor Mountain

This was built for the Colossal Battle Contest V, specifically the Dread Ambushers category. I have always enjoyed building dwarven style creations, and had wanted to do another for a while. The tower was somewhat influenced by dwarven towers in skyrim. This also gave me a great opportunity to use the polar bear in a build.

The dwarves of Staor have many small outposts around the mountain that serve as defensive bastions, and gates into their underground kingdom. Some unfriendly neighboring trolls have planned an ambush and scaled down the craggy mountain slopes in an attack on the dwarves. Little do they realize that they too may be on the receiving end of an ambush.

One Comment:

  1. Woah nice! I love the snowscape! Some nice textures between the dk. bley and lt. bley stonework! Some nicely shaped rockwork as well! Also gotta notice this fun SNOt tree trunks! 😀 Keep it up! 😀

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