Katana II

This is my third SHIP, and of course, it was built for SHIPtember. I didn’t have as much to work on it as I would have liked, so some features are missing. Overall though, I’m quite pleased with it.
It measures 112 studs long, includes 4 working missile launchers, and seats 2 minifigures. Kai NRG, W. Navarre, and myself and took inspiration from Ninjago for our SHIPs this year. Mine was influenced by Zane’s vehicles, and naturally the katana shape was based off of the standard ninja weapons. The lovely photo edit was done by Mark.

The Katana II is a large starfighter that is both fast and maneuverable, but not heavily shielded.
3 plasma turrets
2 laser pulse cannons
4 proton missiles

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  1. Awesome! Really cool! The sleek design is awesome! I also like the clean color scheme! Keep it up Isaac!

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