Colossal Castle Contest: Master Builders

The Colossal Castle Contest has played a huge role in our involvement with the online LEGO community. And after CCC XV, John and I both have had the honor of winning Master Builder.
This post takes a look back at the entries from our victorious Master Builder runs.

Starting off with John, who won the Master Builder title in 2016 – CCC XIV. John had 12 entries total (one of which was just figs, and has not been shown here).
Each build photo links to that build’s post so you can see more images and the story behind each creation.

Balkr Fort

Deshiem Warriors

Fetching Water

Forest Cottage

Forestmen Rescue

Fresh Fish!

Grand Merchant Tajir

Lir Teilien

Qasr Albahr

Wolfpack Breakout

Then we move onto my builds for the CCC XV. I only managed 6 entries unfortunately, due to a busier schedule than normal.


A Risky Endeavor

Chartres Cathedral

Norya Citadel

Princess Palace

Riften Watchtower

The Streets of Daydelon

We hope you guys enjoyed that recap of our Master Builder runs, and we’re looking forward to competing again this year! Hopefully a lot of you get in on the fun too.
Have a favorite model out of these? Comment and let us know which ones you like best!





  1. Gratz dudes! My favorite from John was Qasr Albahr, and my favorite from Isaac was The Streets of Daydelon. :)

  2. Wow, it’s amazing that two brothers have won master builder in two years! And both of you guys were honorable mention the year you didn’t win! I guess MOCing runs in the family. Love how GoH is represented as well (but no Avalonia!?) My personal favorite of John’s is Forest Cottage and Riften Watchtower for Issac.

    • Thanks man! John’s Forest Cottage is a lovely build, and I was quite pleased with my Riften Watchtower.

      I guess it’s up to you to make Avalonia proud 😉

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