Finest Creations: November 2015-December 2015

Our 7th installment of Finest Creations. For those of you who missed previous installments, you can find those here.

Here is how it works: John and I each choose 5 of our best creations from the given time frame and compile them in a single post. Then it is your task to cast your vote and decide what was John’s and my best creation from those given, and also which creation is your favorite overall. We will tally the votes and then add the victorious MOCs to our gallery for Brickbuilt’s Public Choice Creations. Each build picture links to the build page, so you can check out more pictures if you’re having trouble making a decision.

My top 5 builds:
Daydelon Warehouse

Mourning the Fallen

Wild Yxen of Mitgardia

Mitgardian Manor

Dwarven Dungeon

John’s top 5 creations:
The Fortress of Tol-in-Gaurhoth

Pirate Island

The Red Feather Inn

Brick’s Sporting Goods

Desert Duel

Last round’s winners were Bodiam Castle for Isaac, and Setting Up Camp for John.
Cast your vote now and decide what will be the next creations will win!



  1. Nice! My favorites are Mitgardian Manor and The Red Feather Inn. 😀

  2. Same as Roanoke for me! A great collection of MOCs, but those two are particularly awesome. :)

  3. Isaac: daydelon Warehouse
    John: Red feather inn

  4. Thanks for all the votes!
    Looks like Red Feather Inn is sure to win, and Mitgardian Manor has a good lead already.

  5. Mitgardian Manor and Desert Duel get my votes 😉

  6. Isaac: Dwarven Dungeon

    John: The Red Feather Inn

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