Life in Nordheim

The completed collab that John and I built for Brickfair VA 2016 where it won Best Castle/Knights. The base is 130×98 studs making it our largest build ever, and it weighs a whopping 87 pounds! Which is 56 pounds more than our next largest build, which was our big collab build last year, Katoren. Every building has a full interior and all the doors actually open. We tried to include tons of little details, and there are some interesting easter eggs to look for: sig figs, thieves, snowball fights, goats, dragons, fishermen, and custom weapons.

You can see more pictures of the 7 individual modules on their own build pages: Nordheim Docks, Nordheim Paddock, Nordheim Harbormaster, Nordheim Farmhouse, Nordheim Armory, Nordheim Greathouse, and Nordheim Fjall.

Beyond the Brick did a video interview while we were at Brickfair:

Nordheim is a bustling city in Mitgardia. Its harbor and Dwarven mine make it a center of commerce, while its strong walls offer protection from the Northern wilderness.


  1. Wow guys! I’m blown away, this is even better than I could have pictured it! Keep it up :O

  2. This is an absolutely fantastic build! The amount of detail within every section, especially the fact that each module has a full interior, is phenomenal! Hildigrim put it best I reckon, I’m blown away as well! Awesome work all round guys

  3. Wow! I really underestimated the size of this thing until I watched the video, wow! There isn’t anything I can say I don’t like about it, other than I am jealous of your piece collection! :) Keep it up!

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