Dining Room

This vignette was one of several built to showcase the usefulness of parts included in the set, Assembly Square. You can see our full review of the set on InnovaLUG.

I focused on highlighting the wonderful color, Medium Dark Flesh, with this scene. The set comes with plenty of 1×2 tiles, 1×1 cheese (new), and also some 1×1 tiles. This color is quickly becoming one of my favorites, and I’ve been using it often in recent builds. More pieces implemented into this scene from Assembly Square: macaroni tiles, dark bley plate with rail, white panels, grill tiles, arches, and curved slopes, along with the clock, printed pie elements, friends flowers, and gold fez.


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  1. Nice one Isaac! I think your dk. orange flesh builds are great so far, and I hope you continue! Keep it up! 😀

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