Furniture Tutorial #4

This installment of our furniture tutorials includes two chairs, storage rack, wardrobe, end table, and chest. See the 1st, 2nd , and 3rd furniture tutorials for other designs.

First up is a medieval high backed chair. Friends flowers for the legs give some added decoration.

5 (1)

Next the seat plates are attached by a 1×3 plate and the chair’s back is started.

5 (3)

Any color tiles can be used for the cushion, or if you want a minifigure to be held in a seated position, switch out the 2×2 tile for some 1×2 jumper plates.

5 (2)

This fancy armchair also uses Friends flowers for the legs.

6 (6)

The SNOT 1×1 round brick and plates fit nicely over the front cheese.

6 (5)

6 (4)

And with some more detail added to the back, the chair is completed.

6 (2)

Next is a simple rack to hold tools or weapons. If you don’t have the modified 2×2 brick for the base, some regular plates and jumper plates would work as well.

1 (1)

Alternating the style and orientation of the clips allows for accessories to be held vertically or horizontally on the front and back of the rack.

1 (2)

The wardrobe is based off of a 1×4 column using brick with stud after every two plates.

2 (1)

A 4×6 plate is added to the front face, with some 1×2 jumper plates running down the center.

2 (5)

2×4 and 2×2 tiles attach onto the sides of the wardrobe, while 1×6 tiles and some silver plates complete the front.

2 (4)

Using a plate with rail fits well on the top, while a 2×2 jumper plate will hold some ornamentation.

2 (3)

The design is quite flexible and could be easily adjusted to achieve different aesthetics.

2 (2)

This end table uses half stud offsets to achieve its shape.

3 (1)

The white tiles represent sheets of paper here, but you could add any detail you like between the legs.

3 (5)

3 (4)

A few more details on top finishes it off.

3 (2)

Last is a little chest design that works nicely when you don’t have space, or don’t like the look of a prefab chest.

4 (1)

4 (2)

Let us know if you have questions about any of the designs, or if you have a technique you would like to see us make a tutorial on.








  1. Awesome! I absolutely love these tutorials… Although, for the most part I don’t do interiors, they are still pretty inspirational! 😀 Keep it up! 😀

  2. Cool! My favorite is probably the wardrobe 😀 Thanks again for another awesome Tutorial!! 😀

  3. Thanks! I have ideas for several cool new tutorials, when I get some free time to put them together :)

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