Tubby – Class 1 Cargo Freighter

My completed SHIP for this years SHIPtember. It was a really fun, (albeit frustrating at times) process, and I definitely learned a lot along the way. While there are still quite a few things I’m not entirely pleased with, overall I’m happy with my first attempt at a SHIP. A huge thank-you to everyone who offered suggestion, critiques, and encouragement along the way, it made the whole building process a lot more fun. And a massive thanks to Mark of Falworth for the incredible edit job as well.
A few stats about the SHIP:

SHIP Class: Class 1 Cargo Freighter
SHIP name: Tubby
Build time: 23 days
Length: 114 studs

The Tubby Class 1 Cargo Freighter is known across the galaxy for it’s immense cargo capacity, and is highly sought after by large corporations to get enormous amounts of supplies across the Milky Way swiftly. 

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  1. Nice! Pretty cool finish to a nice process I enjoyed watching! Keep it up John! 😀

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