Finest Creations: September 2015 – October 2015

The 6th installment of Finest Creations. For those of you who missed the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth.
Here is how it works: John and I each choose 5 of our best creations from the given time frame and compile them in a single post. Then it is your task to cast your vote and decide what was John’s and my best creation from those given, and also which creation is your favorite overall. We will tally the votes and then add the victorious MOCs to a new gallery for Brickbuilt’s Public Choice Creations. Each build picture links to the build page, so you can check out more pictures if you’re having trouble making a decision. You can see all past Public Choice Creations here.

John’s Top 5 Creations:
Wolfpack Hideout

Snowy Explore

Scouting Donwar

Setting Up Camp

Collecting Awesomnium

Isaac’s Top 5 Creations:
Bodiam Castle

Arctic Rig

Party at Port

The City of Acrine

Mitgardian Smithy

Last round’s winners: Nordheim Keep, and Uncle Byron’s Home.
Cast your vote now and decide what will be the next creations will win!


  1. Isaac: Bodiam Castle

    John: Setting Up Camp

  2. Isaac: Bodiam Castle

    John: Setting Up Camp

  3. John – Setting up Camp

    Isaac: Bodiam Castle

  4. John: Setting up Camp

    Isaac: Bodiam Castle

  5. Mitgardian Smithy and Snowy Explore.

    Great to see how far you guys have come 😉

  6. Thanks for the votes everyone!

  7. For Isaac I would say Bodiam castle, and for John my favorite is scouting donwar. :)

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