Flying Carpet Tutorial

Today we’ll be taking a look at what goes into making a flying carpet* like those used in my Fabled Fortress of Al-Danah build. Let’s get to it!

*Note: These carpets are not capable of actually flying, and under no circumstances should one use them to attempt flight. All appearances of flying are illusions. Failure to heed these warnings could result in serious injury or brick separation.

The basic idea for these carpets is based off of Jaapxaap’s roof design, which centers around the use of nets. To make the carpet, you will need a 10×10 net, 1×1 round plates, 2×2 round boat tiles, and 1×2 tiles.


To achieve the desired width, fold 4 studs of the net over on itself, to form a 6×10 rectangle. Then attach the 2×2 round boat tiles to the bottom of the net, using 1×1 round plates on top to connect them.


I personally like to leave a few studs without the 1×1 plate rounds, as it allows the carpet to have greater flexibility. Don’t leave to many open spots though, or you won’t be able to attach the 1×2 tiles on top!


The final step is simply putting 1×2 tiles in whatever colors you like on top of the 1×1 round plates. I chose to use two colors on each of mine, but you could incorporate more, or stick with just one color, if desired. Make sure to incorporate a few 1×2 plates or jumper plates if you want to be able to attach minifigures or accessories to the carpets.


And a look at what the bottom looks like finished. The 2×2 round plates in the center make a handy way to attach the carpets however you want for your specific build.


A genie goes well with any flying carpet! Here’s an example of just some of the various things you can put on the carpets when you’re finished with them.


We hope this tutorial fills all your flying carpet needs, and be sure to let us know if there are other designs you would like to see a tutorial on in the comments!

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